Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Best Kept Secret in The Game

Golf season is getting into full swing, and we're gearing up get you back in the game!  Nestled in the magnificent Shawangunk Mountains, The Hudson Valley Resort's 18-hole par 71 championship course just might be the best kept secret in the game.

As challenging as it is beautiful, the golf course at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa offers players rolling hills, flowing creeks, tranquil ponds, long lush fairways and gorgeous Catskills views.

This pastoral setting makes for perfect parkland play appropriate for people of all skill levels.

Recent upgrades on the course are starting to pay off, with drastically regraded and recently replaced greens on the 3rd and 9th holes which play like new.

"Conditions on the course are improving every day, " says Grounds Superintendent Marty Williams, "and you don't need to be a guest of the resort to check it out- it's a public course and everyone is welcome."

Looking to book a group outing or organize a tournament?  We've got you covered.  The Hudson Valley Resort & Spa specializes in group events and offers full service catering and banquet options your players will love.

Best of all, the Hudson Valley Resort offers the most competitive rates in the Hudson Valley!  With a full 18 hole round starting at just $20 you simply can’t afford to golf anywhere else.

No longer just a diamond in the rough, the Golf Course at Hudson Valley Resort is quickly becoming a local treasure.

Call today to book your tee-time and see why it just might be the best kept secret in the game.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Rocking the 'Gunks!

The brilliant white profile of the The Shawangunk ridge is widely recognized as one of the finest climbing centers in the US, considered by many to be the Yosemite of the East.

Known simply as “The Gunks”, this world-famous 12 mile long escarpment is home to more than 1200 ascent routes which entice the climber with colorful names like “Space Invaders”, “Twilight Zone”, and “Pumping Pygmies”.

Many of the classic routes first established by Fritz Weissner and Hans Kraus have become legendary in rock climbing circles; for some, negotiating epic 'Gunks ascents like High Exposure, Gargoyle, and Gelsa are practically a right of passage.

Flocking to the 'Gunks in record numbers to enjoy peripheral activities like bouldering, mountain biking and hang-gliding, climbers of every skill level are invited to experience the Shawangunk ridge for themselves.

Not only a haven for Climbers, the Shawangunk Ridge boasts thousands of acres of unspoiled natural beauty and accessible scenic views; even a comfortable stroll through Minnewaska’s carriageways or a quick stop at one of many roadside overlooks can be a richly rewarding experience!

You won't believe just how affordable a weekend in the Gunks can be!  Located just minutes from the ridge, the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa offers climbers and their families resort  accommodations at “rock bottom” prices.

With a European health spa, fitness center, game room, indoor & outdoor pools, tennis & basketball courts, and a championship 18-hole golf course on site, the Hudson Valley Resort truly has something for everyone.  Give us a call today, and we'll help make the most of your stay.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Celebrate Spring: Explore the Outdoors

Spring is in full swing and we’re getting out to explore the outdoors this season with some exciting Hudson Valley hiking!  With so many unique opportunities for outdoor adventure just minutes away, the Hudson Valley Resort is the perfect base-camp for experiencing hiking in the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains.

You’ll find five exceptional forest preserves within easy reach of the resort which offer hundreds of miles of scenic trails for hiking and biking through some of the most unique natural landscapes in the Northeast.

Visitors to Minnewaska State Park, the Mohonk Preserve, Sundown Wild Forest, Sam’s Point Preserve, and the Catskills Forest Preserve will find a myriad of exciting trails to explore, each with its own allure.  Here’s one of our favorite local hikes which allows visitors to explore some of the most interesting and beautiful features of Minnewaska State Park.

Mossy Glen/Blueberry Run/Castle Point Carriageway Loop
(9 mile loop hike, Moderate Difficulty.  Allow 5.5 Hours)

The Shawangunks are known for their varying terrain and unique micro-habitats, so it can be difficult to experience all they have to offer in just one visit.  The little known Mossy Glen / Blueberry Run / Castle Point Carriageway loop takes hikers on an exhilarating tour of the park.

Hudson Valley Hiking: Minnewaska
The hike begins on the Mossy Glen footpath, accessable via the Awosting parking lot.  You’ll walk along the cool Glen through a silent forest of hemlock and mountain laurel, crossing and then following the golden Peter’s Kill brook.  Be sure to enjoy the secluded wading pools as you continue through the shady glades.

Hudson Valley Hiking: Minnewaska Resort
With little warning you’ll emerge from the forest and find yourself crossing a brilliant white exposure of bedrock.  This is an extraordinary example of the famous Minnewaska barrens: a stark, alien landscape punctuated with scrub pine and blueberries.

Hudson Valley Hiking: Mohonk Resort
Now the Peter’s Kill cuts it’s way gently across the exposed bedrock, babbling softly as it flows.  Continue along the trail, past small waterfalls and inviting wading pools before entering a dense and shady rhododendron  thicket.  The Minnewaska blueberry run trail is just ahead.

Hudson Valley Hiking: Minnewaska
You'll emerge from the thicket suddenly to find yourself standing in another slab barren.  Turn left and follow the Blueberry Run footpath.  This moderate ascent will lead you steadily up the ridge through endless wild blueberry bushes, dwarf pitch pine, and stands of mature mountain laurel.

Hudson Valley Hikers
As you gain elevation, you begin to catch glimpses of the park’s famous ridgeline cliffs, standing in stark contrast to the blue sky.  Now you emerge on a massive rock slab offering a stunning northern view of the Catskills which will leave you breathless.  Don’t be fooled: the best is yet to come.

Minnewaska Ridge Resort
Continue along the Blueberry Run to an open rock ledge at the highest point on the trail, and the Castle Point Carriageway is just ahead.  Turn left onto the Carriageway, and you’ll find yourself emerging at Castle Point, a steep promitory with astonishing panoramic views.

Hiker on Minnewaska Ridge
From here you can see the majesty of the Shawangunks and the Hudson Valley:  Lake Awosting is below, Sam's Point may be seen looking to the southwest, Hamilton Point is ahead, and the sheer cliffs of Gertrude’s Nose may be seen to the east across the dramatic Palmaghatt Ravine.

Hiking Minnewaska Park
Turning right back onto the carriageway, you’ll descend gradually along the ridge, with intermittent viewpoints from along the ledge affording gorgeous views of the ravine and the face of Gertrude’s Nose.  Continue to Kempton Ledge and enjoy the view.

Lake Minnewaska with Hiking
Soon, you’ll reach  Lake Minnewaska, a crystal clear high-altitude glacier carved lake with dramatic white cliffs rising in sharp contrast to the brilliant sapphire water.  Swimming is allowed in season, and you’ll be thankful for the opportunity to refresh yourself after the long hike.

Hiking at Minnewaska in Hudson Valley
From here, you’ll follow the scenic Sunset Carriageway a short distance back to the gatehouse.  If you have time for a short side excursion before departing, turn right before the gatehouse for a quick walk to Awosting Falls, one of the most impressive and iconic images in the park.

The Hudson Valley Resort & Spa is just minutes from Minnewaska State park and other popular Hudson Valley hiking areas.  The Mononk Preserve, Sundown Wild Forest, Sam's Point Preserve and the Catskill Forest Preserve are all within easy reach, and each offers visitors exciting opportunities for outdoor adventure.

After a long day on the trail, there's nothing better than a relaxing visit to the spa, and our guests enjoy the use of our Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms as well as our beautiful indoor and outdoor pools!  With a fitness center, tennis and basketball, and a gorgeous 18-hole golf course on site, the Hudson Valley Resort is the perfect place to stay while exploring the Hudson Valley.

Friday, April 15, 2016

5 Hot Tips for an Unforgettable Memorial Day Cookout

For many people in the Hudson Valley, Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the backyard cookout season.

You can get the most from your Memorial Day party with a little planning, a few precautions, and by following these Five Hot Tips for an Unforgettable Memorial Day cookout.

If you’re hosting a back-yard cookout this Memorial Day weekend, plan things out well before the guests arrive.  Do your shopping well in advance; you can save a lot of stress during your cookout if you’re properly prepared.

Unless your guests enjoy running to the store to pick up ketchup and napkins, double check your pantry the day before your cookout and be sure to stock up on any staples you may need.

Before you head out to the back yard, remember: safety first!  Nothing can ruin a good cookout like a trip to the emergency room.  Hundreds of people wind up hospitalized every year from improper grilling techniques.

Make sure you’re familiar with how to operate your grill, and follow the instructions which came with your charcoal or propane fuel.  Never pour flammable liquids directly on a lit grill!

So what’s the secret to the perfect back-yard Cookout?

The Hudson Valley Resort’s catering team came up with these five hot tips for grilling success:

Make sure your equipment is clean and well maintained.  Your grill should be spotless: completely free of grease, grime, rust, old ash and other hazards.  Confirm that everything is in proper working order well before your event to guarantee success.

Use fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  Today’s  marketplace makes it easier and more affordable than ever to work with healthier, more sustainable food options which deliver far superior results than mass-market products.

Warm things up!  Let your meats rest, out of the fridge for 20 minutes before throwing them on the grill to guarantee they remain tender and juicy.  This is the key for even cooking and perfect grill-marks.

Season your ingredients before you even light your grill.  Allow enough time for rubs and spices to work their magic before grilling or you’ll just end up dumping them into the flames.

Enjoy yourself!  Nothing is more successful in creating the perfect backyard BBQ than the company of good friends, good music, and a nice cold beverage.

 Hudson Valley Holiday Getaway
Bonus Tip: Let someone else do all the work!  Join us this Memorial Day Weekend, and make the most of the holiday! You'll enjoy games and activities, free golf and mini golf, an evening bonfire with s'mores, face painting for the kids and more while our expert catering team grills up all your favorite summertime fare!!

Planning a party or group event? Check out the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa!  With 41,000 sq. ft. of conference, meeting and Ball rooms, we've been serving up everything from informal BBQ to elegant plated dinners for more then 70 years,

Visit or to learn more!

Do you have a favorite Memorial Day grilling tip to share?  Comment below, and tell us about it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7 Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Shawangunk Mountains This Summer

Just 90 miles from the hustle and bustle of New York City lies a serene, enchanting landscape of unsurpassed natural beauty which beckons visitors to slow down and indulge their senses with an unforgettable visit to one of the world’s Last Great Places.

Here are seven reasons why you need to visit the Shawangunk Mountains this Summer, and one great incentive to get your family on the road!

1. Jaw Dropping Natural Beauty 
The Shawangunks feature crystal clear sky-lakes, unbelievable waterfalls, glistening rock ledges, and miles-wide panoramic views. Visitors to the popular Minnewaska State Park can get a taste of it all with a peaceful stroll along well managed carriageways.

2. Unbeatable Outdoor Adventures

A hike around nearby Sam’s Point Preserve will reward visitors with an unforgettable crawl through unique “ice cave” caverns, a refreshing stop atop a spectacular 180 foot waterfall, unparallelled scenic views of the southern Catskill Mountains, and a tour around a glacial carved sky-lake.

3. Wonderful Wineries

The Shawangunks offer ideal conditions for a number of varietal vineyards, and local wineries have been producing extraordinary vino for centuries. The Shawangunk Wine Trail offers visitors a taste of the region’s best with stops at fourteen wineries offering demonstrations, cellar tours and wine-tastings year-round!

4. Life on the Edge

The impressive ledges of the Shawangunk Ridge have long been regarded as the Northeast technical rock climbing Mecca, and scaling the world-famous routes  throughout "The Gunks" remains a rite of passage for daring climbers everywhere.

5. Historic Houses

A trip to the Shawangunks region offers visitors an opportunity to step back in time and explore the Oldest Street in America.  An avenue of centuries old colonial buildings which have remained virtually unchanged since before the country was born, Historic Huguenot Street offers visitors tours and special events throughout the year which are sure to engage the imagination.

6. Hands-on Agriculture

Want to take part in a true farm-to-table experience? The Shawangunks region features dozens of family-friendly farms offering pick-your-own fruits and vegetables throughout the season. Nearby Kelder’s Farm invites guests into their fields to hand harvest everything from fresh greens, corn, potatoes and beans to fresh herbs, raspberries and apples. It honestly doesn’t get any fresher than this!

7. Delectable Dining

With the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America in the Shawangunk’s backyard and local growers offering the best fresh produce, meats and cheeses, it’s no surprise that the region boasts some of the most delicious and innovative eateries in the north-east. Offering a surprising array of world cuisines, the funky Shawangunks town of New Paltz has something for everyone, with an emphasis on farm-fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

You’ll find a hundred reasons more to return again and again when you explore the Shawangunks this summer, and we’re kicking off the season with an unbeatable Memorial Day Weekend Getaway bash which your whole family is going to love.

Join us in the heart of the Shawangunk Mountains this summer and we’ll help you make the most of your stay, so call or click today to start planning your upstate family getaway!

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